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The intent was always to be direct with my approach to painting. My art is an extension of my character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox. Read More

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A Tale of Two Isms

Fumero and MeloyIf you were around the lower east side or ‘The L-E-S’ last week, you could not have walked through the neighborhood without seeing a street art poster promoting Fumeroism and Vandal Expressionism‘s “The 90 Stanton Street Art Show” at Le Salon d’Art with co-exhibitor Joseph Meloy.  The art of my approach to abstract reality met Meloy’s hieroglyphic abstractions at the crossroads of line, shape and color where the two isms share their commonalities.

Fumerolyn Monroe

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These two paintings are the embodiment of Fumero’s and Maloy’s artistic connection and where we meet on common ground.  If you strip away the subjectiveness of my exaggerated and abstracted reality, what remains is the organic shaped forms and similar use of colors with black contours; pure abstraction – as seen in Meloy’s Vandal Expressionism. (photo by Sara Morales)



The Salon became true to it’s name as centuries ago the original purpose of ‘the salon’ was to house a galleria for exhibiting artwork vertically on the walls for buyers to view.  In keeping with its origins, we stacked the walls with over 70 works of art.  Le Salon d’Art is in their 3rd year of showcasing new and up and coming artists,  adding color to the lower east side with their support for the visual arts.  The show can be seen from the street through the large side walk windows even after Le Salon’s hours of operation have shut off the lights.

One of the highlights of any opening is the excitement and energy of the crowd.  It was thrilling to talk to people and share with them what I do as an artist and extremely flattered by the comments and emotions my versatile subject-matter brought out.  “Nanny’s Kitchen”, the 5th family portrait from “The Table Series” with it’s large size and detail, was a crowd favorite along with the iconic “Grampa.”

I would like to thank Hans, Grace and Kit from Le Salon d’ Art for their help, kindness and support; Onda Skillet for the 5 hour set of the good-nrg grooves; Danny for keeping the good cheer flowing; and to my fellow artist Joseph Meloy for his enthusiasm to bring our two extremes extremely close together for the public to see.

The show will run until February 6, 2012 with hours M-F:  10-8pm  Sat: 10-9pm Sun: 11-7pm

Fumero and Meloy

2 Isms

We would like to extend our thanks to Joy Mee and Joseph Meloy for their photo contributions~

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