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All City Exhibition

All CityLast night,  the All City Group Art Show held at 435 Broome Street in Soho.  The show hosted a myriad of contemporary street and graffiti artists such as the two-man team of 2ESAE featuring Ski, better known as UR New York.  Their iconic motifs depicting NYC buidlings, water towers and graffiti bombed trucks silkscreened on canvas were part of the lineup to be enjoyed at the opening.

The success behind this ‘only in New York’ event belong to the curators, Anne Huntington and Natalie Trainor, as the torrential downpour of rain did not hinder anyone  from lining up for this ‘RSVP Only’ event to see the art off ‘Main Street’.

The show will be running until April 22nd, I recommend you see this for yourself.




All City ~ Artists Signing

All City ~ Artists Signing


All City Crowd

Enjoying the All City Exhibition

Greg Lamarche - The New Hustle

Greg Lamarche - The New Hustle


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