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Going BIG in Miami

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 | Everything BIG

This marks the 4th year in a row I have participated in Art Basel Miami Beach.  I went back to the NW 22nd Street and NW 2nd Avenue wall in Wynwood with AOM, Rob Fogle, Leaf and my friend from Limeira, Brazil, Danilo Zeh Palito.   AOM and I arrived one night before Whisbe and Palito and set up our ‘command center’ in a spacious and dope apartment in South Beach.  I saw day turn into night on the balcony a few times and watched as Miami’s downtown skyscrapers became lit like a neon Christmas tree.

It was an intense trip and this year as I expanded my use of media by using a roller and bucket to paint.  The B.I.G and unnamed mural were done with spray paint, the Grandpa and Kendo with roller.  Mandela was done with both spray paint and roller.  The ‘Biggie wall’ was the grand daddy of my Art Basel murals, taking more than two, 12-14 hour days.

When Zeh Palito arrived, it felt like we were back in Rio de Janeiro.  We reminisced on our time in Brazil, the good times we had and the good times we were making again, in Miami.  He painted his “We Are One” esoteric mural, Whisbe painted the jack-in-the-box, AOM did J Dilla as Professor X, Fogle Art illustrated the female with Leaf’s grafstract design reflected in her shades.  Deps created the elaborate graffiti, Makatron and Mas Paz worked their skills with creativity and embellished the end of the wall, ending strong just as the mural begins with Samuel Mark’s tribute to Keith Haring.

It was another amazing Art Basel and getting better each year.  I had friends from NY, Brazil, North Carolina, Cleveland and Miami with the artist Subi all contributing to the good-energy that was real but seemed as though it was all dream.


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