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The intent was always to be direct with my approach to painting. My art is an extension of my character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox. Read More

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Back to Berlin

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It has been a decade since my first visit to Berlin..what a great city. The German people were very kind and helpful.  On my exploration of this great city, I stopped by the Berlin Wall and added a bit of the ‘Ism’.

Grampa in Berlin

The sun was beaming down hard for the self portrait (left), but it was fun. I didn’t have a ladder, so when it was time to work up top, I had to jump up on the wall and hold myself with one arm while spraying with the other. Thankfully there were times I was able to share a crate with German artist, WOK.

I cannot let another decade go by before I see Berlin again..thank you Germany.


Enx, Fumero and WOK at Mauer Park

At Mauer Park with artists ENX and WOK

Fumero and Enx

2 Comments for : Back to Berlin
    • Jess
    • August 1, 2012

    Luv your work and the family foundation. When you have a loving family, you always have inspiration.

    • Reply

      thnx…family is my foundation and inspiration for sure.

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