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The intent was always to be direct with my approach to painting. My art is an extension of my character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox. Read More

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The Ball at City Hall

The 4th Street Arts “Ball at City Hall” was a delightful mix of art and entertainment.   The event hosted not only a galleria of canvas art, we enjoyed live music, fine wine, good food and a fashion show.   But I must be honest…I am a bit biased.  As an artist, I was quite content being […]


A Glimpse of Poster Art

During my time at Art Basel Miami, we could not pass up the opportunity for some paste up poster art.  We were on N.W. 2nd Ave., between 23rd and 24th streets and thanks to a fellow graffer who kindly shared his ladder, the perfect spot was found.  This section, fondly called the Wynwood Art District, […]


The Contemporary Street Artist

This figure is Michelangelo’s sculpture of ‘David‘, but as a contemporary street artist.  The David is holding a spray paint can in his hand in place of the sling shot used to slay Goliath, rather this David slays the walls.  In the other hand is the roller with a bucket of paste at his feet.  […]



The acrylic tubes and can of spray paint act as headstones within the ‘graveyard of life and death’.


The Window of Opportunity

The window in this scene, is the proverbial “window of opportunity”, but this window is not so easily accessible, as seen in the bars, but the ‘divine light of the future’ on the other side of the window is bright and promising.  The cathedral shape design is a reference to the spirituality of the artist […]


Portrait of an Artist

The subject matter of this painting is a departure from the more common subject matter Fumero is known to paint.  This mural-like composition, is for the artist, the beginning of a new approach to subject matter.  This particular painting is a self-portrait of the artist but not of his flesh.  The multiple imagery portrays metaphorical […]