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Brian Kirhagis – Spotlight Artist

Brian KirhagisOn Thursday, October 27th, the Borghi Fine Art Gallery featured the work of Brian Kirhagis in a show titled, “Juxtaposed”.   This talented artist, who is inspired by Dali and the surrealists, uses his art as a voice to express his insights on society and reflect back to us in a different light.

“I believe art is a language, that if spoken correctly, can build bridges where words fall short.  My works are like journal entries on canvas, documenting my experiences into complex composition of acrylic paint.  Although we all speak different languages, we see the same.  With the concept in mind, I use my art as a tool to heighten social awareness about current events and issues facing our world.”

The paintings titled, “Lieying In The Garden of Eden” (175″x76″) is about the hidden message of Lilith representing that both men and women are equal yet in the story of Adam and Eve, the burden of original sin has been unjustly placed upon the female.  Lilith was punished by God at the request of Adam (hebrew for man, taken from Adamu which means ‘man’ in ancient Sumerian) for not being subservient to Adams sexual demands.  This painting is my favorite canvas work as it is lush with vivid colors that create a sense of tranquility and reminiscent of foreign lands I have visited abroad.  The masterful blends of colors and their interaction with the beautifully illustrated scene of paradise is captivating.  This painting is actually two canvases placed together and if separated, each one can stand alone as a fully completed compositional work.

'Puzzled Love' by Brian KirhagisMy other favorite is “Puzzled Love” (9″ x 12″), graphite on bristol.  This is the smallest piece but I find it to be the most powerfully rendered.  In this tiny work, BK shows us his technical skills using pencil with his fine lines and smooth shading.  As an illustrator, I am aware of how little drawings could take more time to complete than larger ones.  To work within small spaces does not leave much room for mistakes when creating tiny details.

I invite you to read more about this deeply passionate artist at Brikart.net or stop in to see ‘Juxtaposed’ for yourself at the Borghi Fine Art Gallery..it is definitely worth the trip.


Lieying In The Garden Of Eden (left panel)


Brian Kirhagis - Lieying in the Garden of Eden

Lieying In The Garden Of Eden (right panel)

BK at Borghi Fine Art Gallery


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