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The intent was always to be direct with my approach to painting. My art is an extension of my character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox. Read More

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Main Fountain

Fountain Art Fair 2013

    The centennial anniversary for The Armory Show – Fountain Art Fair 2013 and A Bowl of Mixed Art was a huge success!There were over 70 international exhibitors and special events including a tribute to Marcel Duchamp presented by Creamhotel. The energy of the fair was tremendous.  I was able to take a little […]


Juan Carlos Pinto

This past Thursday I attended the opening of the Juan Carlos Pinto exhibit, “MetroCard Art” at Le Salon d’Art in the Lower East Side.  What I saw was a dynamic new body of his work and you can see the progression in his creations.  Pinto’s new and innovative ways in the evolution of his MetroCard […]


Brian Kirhagis – Spotlight Artist

On Thursday, October 27th, the Borghi Fine Art Gallery featured the work of Brian Kirhagis in a show titled, “Juxtaposed”.   This talented artist, who is inspired by Dali and the surrealists, uses his art as a voice to express his insights on society and reflect back to us in a different light. “I believe art […]