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The intent was always to be direct with my approach to painting. My art is an extension of my character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox. Read More

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Category Archives: Mural
Mr. Bean by Fumero on canvas

Mr. Bean Goes on Canvas – Fumeroism Grafstract NYC

When I paint a mural, almost always, I do it without a preliminary drawing or any sketching prior to painting a wall and I work from reference 90% of the time.  When I visited London in July of 2015 I painted 4 murals and the first one was a 15 foot portrait of Rowan Atkinson’s […]


Tropical Paradise in Bushwick – Fumero Street Art NYC

As the heatwave continued in August so did I with mural number four. This mural would be the biggest and final one of four large murals completed in three weeks. I have been wanting to paint a landscape for quite some time and this one could be considered an oxymoron because it is in total […]

featured image

Fumeroism Heatwave Hits Bleeker Street

Three days after I completed the second mural on Wilson Avenue I began the third one at 387 Bleeker Street also in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I thought it was time to illustrate people and chose a man and woman in a ‘heated exchange’. These two people are in each other’s faces aggressively expressing their emotions. The […]

fumero at LA Burrito featured

The Bushwick Heatwave – Ism Cometh | Fumeroism Grafstract

The beginning of an August heatwave in NYC didn’t come only in the form of the 90+ degree weather. Bushwick, Brooklyn at 43 Wilson Avenue and a corner away on 67 Jerfferson Street saw Fumero turn up the heat with two new back-to-‘arching back’ murals go up in less than a week’s time. When no […]


Fumeroism Grafstract London Part 3 – Hidden Streets of London

Murals number two and three were female reclining nudes I call anatomical grafstractions. The second mural was organized by Globalstreetart.com and in the Dalston section of London. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day as I made my way across town from Green Lanes down to Abbott Street via my favorite choice of London’s […]

Meeting of Styles UK

Fumeroism Grafstract London Part 2 – Meeting of Styles UK

Two days after I painted the Mr. Bean mural across town in Bethnal Green I participated in Meeting of Styles UK which is held in different countries around the world and was taking place during my trip while I was in London. This is a graffiti and street art event organized by Jim Vision who […]

Mr Bean done by Fumero in London England

Fumeroism Grafstract London Part 1 – London Graffiti UK

From the moment I landed at Heathrow airport an hour outside of London, England, I was on the go. London is a bustling big city and like any modern city mass transit is the way to get around. From the plane to the train, which is called the Tube or the Underground, it took me […]

Welling Court 2015 Featured

The Queen of Queens | Welling Court 2015 | Fumeroism Street Art Queens

This was my 5th year painting and the 6th year for the Welling Court Mural Project. I returned to my favorite spot located at 30th & Main Avenue, at the end of Astoria Boulevard in Astoria, Queens. It’s always a pleasure painting at Welling and the good energy vibes are always in the air permeating […]