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The intent was always to be direct with my approach to painting. My art is an extension of my character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox. Read More

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Category Archives: Portraits
Mr. Bean by Fumero on canvas

Mr. Bean Goes on Canvas – Fumeroism Grafstract NYC

When I paint a mural, almost always, I do it without a preliminary drawing or any sketching prior to painting a wall and I work from reference 90% of the time.  When I visited London in July of 2015 I painted 4 murals and the first one was a 15 foot portrait of Rowan Atkinson’s […]


Welling Court Mural Project ’14

It was that time of the year when the residents of a special neighborhood in Astoria, Queens and AD HOC collaborate together..

Fountain main

Fountain Art Fair 2014

This past Friday, March 7, was the opening of the annual Armory Shows in New York City. During the first weekend in March, this event takes place here in the Big Apple where many internationally galleries converge  and convert warehouses, convention centers and the armories into gallery spaces for the thousands of people in attendance.  […]


Road to Rio

After 8 straight days of painting from the time I landed in Sao Paulo, Danilo and I rested on the 9th day.  Later during the night, Danilo, Medo and I took the 6 hour “red eye” overnight bus to Rio de Janeiro.  At the bus station we were met by Medo’s friend and awesome Rio […]

Artists Medo and Fumero

Limeira (Part II)

    Since the day I arrived in Brazil, the weather had been beautiful, and this morning was no exception.  Day 7 started with the addition of a new artist, Tosko, to join in on the mural madness.  We chose a wall on the other side of the Dores neighborhood and broke into pairs for […]


A Marleymental Rooftop | Sienide & Fumero

I met Sienide on the NY gallery scene, through another colleague, Frankie Velez. Sienide, a very prolific NYC writer (aka graffiti artist) is based out of ‘the boogie-down‘ Bronx, NY and up there his neighborhood fame can be seen everywhere. During our conversations, mainly about our passion for mural art, he invited me to collaborate […]


The Baby

The baby, from the painting ‘Portrait of an Artist’, is on the high bank of the cemetery, comfortable and content, oblivious to what lies ahead in the future called life.  Although the baby is captive to art, he is also the master.  The baby  is wearing a shackle on his wrist which is attached by […]


13 Hours of Art Basel

Most believe that Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the most important art shows in the United States.  It has been called “the Olympics of the art world” with fairs and events that blow it up to the highest level.  This year was no different, and I was there to experience it as both […]