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Inside DVD cover of "Exit Through the Gift Shop"

Enter the Logo

It is always good to hear from a respected friend, especially when they come bearing good news.  Recently New York’s own, Geoffrey Dicker of According2G.com (link to G here) found the Table Series Logo on the inside cover of the DVD, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.  Pretty cool.

"Exit Through the Gift Shop" DVD - Inside Cover Art

When I opened up the DVD and saw the Table Series Logo in clear sight, I felt a moment of pride.  And thinking of how many people around the world could see it, just added to the excitement.  I was surprised the logo remained on the wall almost completely intact and fresh in appearance.  Just a small “A” was its only mark.  Mother nature had her way with the second TS Logo that sits next to the Mussolini Original Che graphic (seen to the right of the wall scene).  Hey it would have been pure utopia to see the logos totally unblemished by time or others, but this is an ephemeral art movement, so I have nothing to complain about.

This documentary, produced by Jaimie D’Cruz and informally directed by the street artist Banksy (Banksyfilm link here), received an Academy Award nomination, and rightfully so in my opinion.  A bonus was the cameo appearance of a former classmate and friend of mine, artist Michael De Feo, The Flower Guy (MDeFeo link here).

What do I think of Mr. Brainwash and his entrance onto the street art scene?  Well that is a topic for another day.  Right now is the time for me

Inside DVD cover of "Exit Through the Gift Shop"

to pay respect to all the artists that participated, and to feel a sense of accomplishment to share the table series with so many.

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