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The intent was always to be direct with my approach to painting. My art is an extension of my character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox. Read More

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Main Fountain

Fountain Art Fair 2013



The centennial anniversary for The Armory Show – Fountain Art Fair 2013 and A Bowl of Mixed Art was a huge success!There were over 70 international exhibitors and special events including a tribute to Marcel Duchamp presented by Creamhotel.

The energy of the fair was tremendous.  I was able to take a little time to walk around and see the incredible artwork being exhibited by many different galleries and it was always packed inside the 69th Regiment Armory.  It was a thrill for all of us that attended.


A Bowl Of Mixed Art

I was honored to be exhibiting with my New York artist friends, Brian Kirhagis, Juan Carlos Pinto, Raquel Echanique, SinXero and fine art photographer, Judy Mauer.  Frankie Velez was the curator extraordinaire who brought together a powerful collection.  It was truly an honor to be a part of this group whom I respect and admire.

I was proud of our booth and like a bowl of mixed fruit served different visual flavors for the spectators to indulge on.  We were all excited to see the constant flow of friends and fans, and thank YOU for sharing your time with us.


Frankie Velez – Curator

Frankie began promoting and curating art shows in 2007, and in the six years since, has established himself as one of New York’s prominent independent curators.  His roster of artists is varied in both style and experience; featuring established, mid-career, and emerging artists.  His work ethic and promotional tact are unrivaled, gaining him access to a wide range of collectors and art aficionados.  With a keen eye for talent and unique ability to connect artists with buyers, he provides a much needed independent perspective to the New York art scene.

His website FrankieVelez.com functions as a 24/7/365 online gallery.


Brian Kirhagis – Artist

With powerful work that consistently generates new collectors and fans, BK leaves an indelible mark on art aficionados and casual viewers alike.  His ability to weave together double images and hidden elements gives his art a unique and distinct feel that has become BK’s signature style.  Also a gifted writer, selected works have descriptions which provide an additional perspective on the inspiration for and meaning behind the art.  — BrikArt.net We also have a previous article about BK >>here<<


Juan Carlos Pinto – Artist

Juan Carlos Pinto is a self represented artist from Guatemala who has been working for the past 10 years in New York, and his art is as expressive as his native and lush, colorful Central American nation.  Pinto’s artwork is also poignantly aggressive and projects a revolutionary declaration.  The scope of his art covers abstract painting, tile work, wood word, stencil spray and use of non-biodegradable plastic and glass.  Most of Pinto’s media comes from salvaged material and found objects.  His art exudes confidence, energy and challenge.  It draws one into a dual world of playfullness and social responsiblity.  His legacy, as he sees it, is to be known as an artist who demands change to a Green Revolution. — JCarlosPinto.com and ours >>here<<


Judy Mauer – Artist

The lone photographer in the bunch, Judy Mauer captures the images of dolls – mannequins in store windows along with the architecture and the scene on the street. Each image is a reflection, with no post production or manipulation.  As you see her images is how she has seen them on the street.  After years of being a collaborative artist, she now devotes her full time to photography.  You can see more of her work at — www.JudyMauer.com


Raquel Echanique – Artist

Raquel’s life in New York has made a great impact in her visual style as she adopted the graffiti art gestures that flooded neighborhood streets as one of the most distinctive characteristics in her portraits.  Her semi-abstractions are stirred up by swirls that pull, twine, divide and modify anatomy in different directions, resulting in a sight of hypnotic relaxation.  Every part of these built faces seems to be knitted by a centripetal force that enters the scene like a chaotic Prometheus.  Raquel has mastered the art of blending spray and oil paint on canvas as her main medium.  You can see more of her work at — Raquelechanique.tumbler.com


SinXero – Artist

Nuyorican born artist SinXero’s (SX) artistic style utilizes raw imagery, creative text and a palette of colors upon layers of mixed media in retrospect to the early 80s, when NYC’s billboards and posters were being put up, torn down and a graffiti writer’s canvas.  With his artistic weapons of choice SX pays an “Ode to the Streets” by capturing an authentic period golden to the Hip Hop Era as he produces urban landscapes & textures reminiscent of the front of old school bodegas, handball courts and NYC streets, as well as, bombed MTA trains.   I invite you to read more about SinXero, his art and works at — www.SinXero.com


Before the weekend was over, myself and SinXero had the fortunate opportunity to work with En Masse.

EN MASSE: (from French) “as a whole” or “all together”.  En Masse is a Montreal based, multi-artist collaborative drawing project.  It draws life from the many creative individuals who take part in the project to create large-scale, highly spontaneous drawings in black and white.  En Masse explores the creation of a collective vision; works created together that are greater than any one person could create alone.  Under the direction of  Jason Botkin, Rupert Bottenberg and Fred Caron, the initiative has worked with nearly 250+ artists internationally.  You should check out their work at — EnMasse.info

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