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The intent was always to be direct with my approach to painting. My art is an extension of my character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox. Read More

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Fumero at the Art Bazaar – According2g

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"The Table Series Logo" - photo credit, Geoffrey Dicker

“The Table Series Logo”  by Fumero is an icon!  First appearing on the streets of New York, the image can be seen on the streets all over the world and is featured inside the DVD packaging of Banksy’s Academy Award nominated documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop.”

An exhibit of Fumero’s work is currently showing at the Art Bazaar located at 175 Seventh Avenue (at West 20th Street) in New York and as you will see, Fumero is not just coasting on the success of “The Table Series Logo.”  His canvases are extremely diverse and very colorful.  Fumero recently garnered a lot of buzz from his works at Art Basel Miami, which is known in the art world as “The Olympics of art.”

(for the complete article – click>> According2g)

Fumero and everyone behind the Fumeroism scene would like to thank G for his continued support in us and all creative platforms.

A wall of Fumeroism

Fumeroism - photo by According2g

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