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Mini-Retrospective Memorial Exhibition

The Infinite Conversation Show from the work of Jef Campion | Army of One opened up Thursday evening at the Castle Fitzjohns Gallery at 98 Orchard Street in the LES, NYC.  The gallery was packed with attendees as so many came out to pay tribute to the artist.  There was a serious body of his fine art on exhibit, pieces from burnt out structures that he kept as a firefighter and from the destruction, he created art.  Jef was never at a loss for words and the words he wrote were powerful, insightful and you can feel his depth in this exhibition.


The opening had three speakers from the different aspects of his life; the head of the Ronald MacDonald House representing Jef’s work with his favorite charity; a representative from the Yonkers Fire Department and I spoke representing the street art side in which he is known in that community as Army of One/JC2.

In 2001 Jef Campion (aka Army of One), firefighter, artist and anti-war activist acted as a first responder for 40 days, sifting through the rubble of the remains of the twin towers in Manhattan.  In January 2014, at the age of 52, Campion passed away due to the unrelenting and unsuccessfully treated effects of this trauma (both mental and physical), but not before leaving behind an astounding artistic legacy, as well as an enduring message:  Give peace a chance.  This is what we honor.   ~ Castle Fitzjohns Gallery

This was a fitting tribute exhibition to a man that cared so much for the world around him and he will always be missed.  Jef Campion was one but we are many…and the army grows.

Read more on the Castle Fitzjohns Gallery link

**Featured image by Photo Jen Inc Photography**

A special thank you to JC2 for making this show possible

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