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The Mural Project featured

The Mural Project

The Mural ProjectThe closing party “Ode To New York – The Mural Project” was at Succulent Studios on July, 11th. The show exhibited the 8’x11′ wood panels that adorned the huge expanse of the fields and VIP tents at this year’s Governor’s Ball Music Festival.  There were 17 New York artists that participated in the “Ode To New York” theme and many of them have their street iconography throughout NY or have exhibited in prestigious galleries. New York is at the epicenter of the contemporary art of our times and quickly becoming known as ‘the outdoor gallery city’, this was the catalyst for the idea that EveryoneOnly curated and organized with the people from the festival.

The exhibit was arranged for the viewer to explore the visual sights of the gallery while accompanied by the art work that was displayed on the walls. In between the murals were the 7′ pyramids that were ‘bombed’ by the street artists and added to the maze-like ambiance felt by the placement of panels, pyramids and other geometric cubes that were covered with different illustrations. Some of the art work in the show was created by students representing Cre8tive YouTh*Ink who helped and assisted with the mural project at Randall’s Island.  Jerry Otero, aka Mista Oh, is the founder of Cre8tive YouTh*ink.

Everyone Only and Daniel Weintraub from Succulent put on a great show and the public support for it was just as great. The gallery is in a huge converted warehouse along side the East River in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at 67 West Street.

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