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Street Murals Exhibition 2014

Artists showing at Street Murals ExhibitionThe opening show for “Street Murals Exhibition 2014” was held last night at a vast space inside the Be-Electric Gallery and Kevin Michael’s curation was a success. The show’s theme was to celebrate the positive impact and change street art has on our neighborhoods and communities across the globe.  The artists presented a solid show of talent and the manner in which all the art work was displayed created a fluid movement for viewers throughout the night.

As artists, we create the art and the public creates the importance, the organizers and curators create the venues and together we create the movement and make street art viable in today’s society. The street artists who wheat paste or paint on walls and gates are the same artists that exhibit their works inside art galleries. The Be-Electric studio is a unique space as it combines both a warehouse and white walled, fine art gallery look which are both the common venues for art shows. It wouldn’t be a street mural show without murals and these are also on display in and outside the building.

“Street art, fine art, same art”

A big thanks to Kevin Michael for his “eye on art”, to DJ Animated for the music, to those that helped out and everyone who attended the opening. The show will run until Monday October 27th. It is a pop up show so get there before it ends. Be-Electric is located at 1298 Willoughby Avenue near the corner of Wyckoff Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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