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TAG Team Up at 5 Pointz

Saturday June 15th TAG:  The Art of Grafstract organized a TAG Team Up at the world famous, 5 Pointz in Queens, NY.  The organizer of this team up was spearheaded by no other than SinXero, who also organized the MVP all-star lineup in the fall of 2012 at the Graffiti Universe Wall in the Bronx.  Many talented creators came out once again to paint for the public and they all did a great job expressing themselves with the originality from each artist.


It was a sunny, hot day on Crane Street, not only due to the heat, but to the fire that was being painted on the walls as well as the sounds that filled our ears as the murals filled our eyes.  The artists on hand that participated in this 1st TAG event was:  Adam Dare, Andres Correa, Andre Trenier, Danielle Mastrion, Fumero, Kool Kito, Lisete Alcalde, Pop Mortem, Ree, Sexer, Sien Ide, SinXero, Vandal Expressionism, Will Power, Zimad, AOM and Robyn Nytewing .  The music performed by Onda Skillet/Aero Tropic and the talented Stephen Eaves who together had us moving and grooving all day long…hey it’s not a party without the music.

Everyone had a great time at the event, it was a lot of fun.  Thank you to all who came out,  family, friends, supporters and spectators, we all are blessed that the people love to see art on the streets.  A special thanks to the 5 Pointz team headed by Meres One and Marie who help make every event at 5 Pointz possible.

We cannot forget to thank All City Paint for their sponsorship.





Danielle Mastrion




Lisete Alcalde

I would like to take a moment to ask everyone to help save 5 Pointz.  Below is a petition that you can sign to keep this building from being demolished.  This place was built in 1904 and the developers want it replaced with two luxury high rises that no resident in the LIC community wants built.  The whole world comes to 5 Ptz every day, from students on field trips to artists of any age.  It is a revolving outdoor museum.  We need people to fill out the landmark form and send it in.  Marg is out on Crane Street everyday, tirelessly getting the forms filled out.  We won the last battle but the war wages on.  Be a part of a very worthy cause to #helpsave5ptz before it is too late.



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