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The Fountain Art Fair

For anyone who has not attended The Armory Show, I would suggest putting it on your 2012 ‘to-do’ list.  The Armory Show is a contemporary art fair in NYC and this year featured over 270 of the leading international galleries representing artist around the globe (thearmoryshow link).

One of the events that showcased the avantgarde art represented by Manhattan and Brooklyn galleries was at The Fountain Art Fair on Pier 66.   I was privileged to meet and talk with one of the creators of the Fountain, Dave Kesting with Johnny Leo of Leo Kesting Gallery, who are the founders of Fountain which began in 2005.  Leo Kesting in association with Dave Tree: Murder Lounge, are the group of artists that work together to bring this incredible, floating gallery on the Hudson River.  There was a vast collection of street and graffiti art, photography and three-dimensional forms of creative expression.  Just an amazing feast for the eyes.

Some of the many galleries on hand and a pleasure to speak with was; Marianne:  Marianne Nems Gallery; Rob & Jim:  Camel Art Space; McCaig-Welles Gallery; Samson Contompasis :  The Marketplace Gallery; and Romain:  Stash Gallery.

I also had the chance to talk with some of the many talented artists and would like to extend a thank you to all of them for sharing their gifts;  Chris Smith (aka Smitty), Clown Soldier, Gilf, Joe Iurato, Samson Contompasis, Evo Love, Christina Ray, Robots Will Kill, Ugly Kid Gumo, Mab Graves, Gaia, Chris Stain, and Army of One.

Fountain Art Fair was a true New York City experience literally on the edge of Manhattan.  Look for it again in March of 2012.

Picture from 'TheLushSide' - who do you see?

Joe Iurato

Chris Smith at The Fountain

The Fountain Art Fair



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