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Toy Tokyo Benefit Art Auction

This past weekend was the Toy Tokyo benefit art auction for the Japanese Red Cross Society Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami disaster relief.  The show hosted by the TT Underground Gallery was filled with an array of talented contemporary artists, most from New York and was curated by Dizmology.

The visual media ranged from Gigi Bio’s photographic work, to the 3-dimensional resin piece titled “Institutionalized” by Dave Cortez.  The scene was mobbed with people and in attendance was the legendary Cope representing his black on black “Cope” on canvas.  It wouldn’t be a party without the DJ, who was providing good-nrg sounds to the visual rhythms of color and line, shape and form as represented by artists creating for charity.  A Shepard Fairey screen print, artist proof titled “Darkwave” was for auction and three dimensional master works of a city building with a crazy amount of detail was truly unique and cemented a well organized public exhibit of cutting edge, contemporary urban expressionism.   Fumero’s “Grandpa” made a cameo appearance as requested by Lev on Lamour Supreme’s wood-cut painting winged skull, while Greg Mishka was on the other wing doing his thing.

Good energy, art, spirits and music were all to be absorbed at Toy Tokyo (link to Toy Tokyo).  If you weren’t able to make it out, you missed a good one.  However that’s the beautiful thing about NYC, it is only the beginning of April and there will be many more shows to see in the coming months ahead.

Lamour Supreme and Greg Mishka

Vicki Pages

Shepard Fairey

Fumeroism within the Live Art - photo courtesy of Toybot Studios

Dave Cortez

Jeremy Ville


Tristan Eaton

Artists added throughout the night

Benefit auction for the Japanese Red Cross

Tristan Eaton












Our thoughts and prayers are still with the people of Japan..

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